Obviously I am getting these.

I knew it was a shoe day when I woke up.  I just didn’t know how right I was.  These SUPER CUTE AWESOME boots came in from Steve Madden (I know, kind of very out of left field for me), and I was very stoked.  We saw these at FFANY back in November, and when I saw them then I about died.  Months go by, we are swamped with restocks and things to go back, and the image of these boots fades a little.  But today.  Today!  They are here and I am very happy.

You probably are too because these are just too great.  Keep an eye out for these on the site!


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All I Want For Christmas is a 3rd Pair of Platform Sneakers

I look at shoes everyday, so it goes without saying, I have accumulated a significant amount of shoes since I started working here.  It used to be a lot worse for my bank account, but I have really cut back on my shoe problem, at least I like to think so.  My coworkers, roommates, and old roommates might argue otherwise, but I swear it’s getting better!  While I am still prone to buying things based on complete and utter impulse (it was a bad week, I deserved it) there are still other things that I really want, try on every week, no joke, and HAVEN’T BOUGHT!

Case in point: the HOMG’s with the Tiger face on them.

I am not very shy about the fact that I am a Cat Mom, and well on my way to being a Crazy Cat Lady.  Hell, look at our Pintrest!  So these should have been an instant hit.  And they were, with me.  The kicker is, I still don’t own them!  It might have something to do with the fact that I currently own two other pairs of the same style.  Just throwing that theory out there.  Seriously, how many pairs of platform sneakers does one girl need?  Probably just one, but oh well.

Anyway, these are totally awesome, and we are down to the last pair of size 8’s.  After months of staring at them, I think it might be the time to finally get these.  Consider it a well-earned Christmas present to myself.

Besides how can you pass on a face like this?!

HOMG Tiger

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Holiday Picks: Round 2

Check out these most lusted after combat boots for some gift ideas for those special ladies in your life!

TroopaDocsMolly Boot

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Holiday Picks: Round 1

Personally, I find the guys I know to be really hard to shop for.  Maybe it is just me over thinking it.  Maybe you get what I mean.  Here are some of my ideal gift picks.  Completely unrealistic for the guys I know, but maybe you will have more luck.

osmore bleaker 574

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Spring Preview: TUK ’13

New merchandise is only a few moths away, and that is totally ok with us.  A few weeks ago we went to FFANY, saw tons of awesome stuff, and got very pumped up for Spring ’13.  For the sake of inundating you with a novel of pictures, how about we start with these styles from TUK?  How are you feeling about these guys?  We love them, and will probably start a serious collection this season.

I think thats enough pictures for now.  Stay tuned for more!


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Check out our video!

Here is something new from Thom Brown, we have video now!  It’s not totally live on our site yet, so its a fun preview of whats to come.  This is our first one, but there will be more in the near future!  If you like Red Wings, Chelsea Crew, & brands like T.U.K. and MTNG, you will think this video is pretty funny.  I personally really like how it turned out, and find it really funny and only mildly embarrassing.  I hope you guys like it!!!

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Nerd Alert!

Does anyone else think of TRON when they see these Supra sneakers?!  Is my inner nerd showing too much?  Cool, I don’t think so either.  Seriously, they make me want to jump on a bike that comes from a stick and compete on the grid!  Only if I make it out though, my hand-eye coordination isn’t very top-notch.  Too bad the girl I saw on Halloween dressed as one of the siren’s from TRON wasn’t sporting these.  Maybe next Halloween!  OK, back to browsing Reddit, watching Game of Thrones, & thinking of how I can spend my Sunday off playing video games.

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Things to look forward to!





It’s totally a really long way off, but things to look forward to are just too nice not to share with you all.  We may just have started October, but as buying goes, it’s all about what to do next season.  For Spring 2013 we are bringing in the classic brand Wolverine 1000 Mile.  Here is a peak at what to expect!  These AMAZING styles for Women are part of Wolverine 1000 Mile collaboration with designer Samantha Pleet.

I wish I could have them all.  Don’t you?

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